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    thanks for popping in the Collector's Club forum, hope you took a few minutes and peeked at some of the photo's I have posted. Thanks again! come back anytime.

    One Shot out!


I have been a big Green Hornet fan ever since the series came out in 1966. I'm not much into collecting, except for information, especially photographs.
Bruce Lee is okay, but I have the hots for Van Williamsimage

I started writing Green Hornet fan fiction because I couldn't find any out there. I have written about 8 fanfictions. Three of them are Angel crossovers that I wrote with my daughter. One is a classic Star Trek/Green Hornet crossover. Three are a triology that I wrote over several years time and the last one is a single 60's Hornet story.

Anybody who would like to read them can go to www.fanfiction.net. Other people have started writing them too, so make sure you read their stories as well. We writers love getting input so make sure you leave a review.

My stories can be found directly by going to http://www.fanfiction.net/~patweakley

I have a Geocities Green Hornet website that I have been working on for some time. It's not anywere near done, but I like the way it's coming out. It can be found at: www.geocities.com/patweakley.

Personal-- I am divoriced mom of two young adults-- 24 and 19 (almost 20!)image

I have been in several places the last few years including Hawaii and Las Vegas. Trying to find a place to settle down and make a decent living. I'm currently living in the LA area where I hope we can make it permanent.

Hopes/dreams-- someday DRIVE the Black Beauty. I'd love to have one of my stories form the basis for a new green hornet movie, or at the least write the novelization of a green hornet movie if it ever comes out.


computer graphics, ancient art/cultures. world and new age music. reading science fiction and mysteries. writing green hornet stories


environmental laboratory analyst